STRANGERS SC supermoto team dominates in the championships of Lithuania and Baltic

On passing in Kaunas on June 9, the first stage the championship of the Baltic countries and the second stage the championship of Lithuania on supermoto, in MX-SM and Q classes again rules were dictated by members of team of STRANGERS SC, Andrius Augustinavičius and Rokas Bacevičius.

Though only three participants participated in MX-SM a class, race was entertainment and intense. The member of team of STRANGERS SC A.Augustinavičius, together with other participants of the class MX-SM, went in the general arrival with the class HOBBY. It didn't prevent it to show good results at the first stage of the championship of the Baltic countries and to take the second place – 108 points. At the second stage of the championship of Lithuania, won first place and in the general offset of MX-SM of a class is in the lead – 216 points.


STRANGERS SC the supermoto team begins a season

On March 1, near to Riga on the route "333″, passed the I-stage of Lithuania on the supermoto. At competitions participated not only athletes of Lithuania, but also both the Latvian and Estonian master's supermoto.

The STRANGERS SC team, already the second year represent, in the class MX-SM Andrius Augustinavičius and in a class Q Rokas Bacevičius. Being very young, our athletes didn't concede not only to eminent masters of supermoto Lithuania, but also athletes of the next republics.

In the general offset of the class MX-SM A.Augustinavičius finished the second. In offset of Lithuania, with 108 points the first.


„Strangers SC“have without effort overcome club Jonava

In conference the Center, I division of National hockey league, "Strangers SC" Elektrenai have won a victory over "Week on Wings" Jonava, with the account 12:3 (2:2, 6:1, 4:0), and on the typed points were made even to the leader of a division „Bizonai" Kaunas.

In a duel the command of Jonava only in the first period has managed to constrain an impact "Strangers SC", and even has managed to be in the lead on 5 minute 2:0. „Strangers SC" long couldn't find the game, and only in the end of the period has managed to even up scores.