Club history

The history of the club gear from 1987. A group of young people were interested in motorbikes were riding and protesting and wanted to be distinguished from a dull society. Some guys from Vievis and Kaisiadorys used to come to Elektrenai. Affinity groups became bigger and joined together into a very big group which already then had it symbolism.

Huge roar of motorcycles didn't allow residents of Elektrenai and nearby villages or towns to sleep. The company not only had fun, but also took part in important events of independent Lithuania.

Distinctive thinking and attitude to life formed inner regulations of the group which led to the thought to establish a club. In 2000 in Aukstadvaris was established the club of motorbikers, a president of the club was elected, regulations were modeled. After some time the clubhouse was resettled to Elektrenai.

In 2002 11 of March the club was officially presented as STRANGERS MC (nomads, strangers).


STRANGERS MC popularize bikers movement in Lithuania and abroad are very active. New members can join the club, they organize trips and different events. In 2004 in March was organized the first Ice-hokey championship of Lithuanian bikers